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Sisk works closely with customers in a wide range of public and private sectors

Sisk has the track record, scale and capacity to successfully undertake large, complex, multidisciplinary programmes and we are recognised by our global customers as world leaders in safe and effective delivery.

Our success and growth has been founded on the application of solid management principles and the employment, motivation and retention of widely experienced and professional employees. 

We offer a range of construction services to our clients, examples of which are below:

Project Kells, Dublin

Circle Square, Manchester

General contractor

As our logo proudly attests we have been builders and contractors for over 160 years. Indeed it is the core of our DNA that drives proactive behaviours and our can do attitude about the rest of our business.

This relentless focus on the quality and safety of the works delivered on site lead to much more assured outcomes for our clients and are the cornerstone of our success.

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Through the extensive and practical experience of our staff we have the ability to deliver a wide range of delivery strategies for the project.

This can mean self delivery, procurement of all equipment, splitting out packages or drawing in partners from other geographies of our supply chain.

All of this is done with the most effective project outcome in mind. Our long standing relationships with our supply chain over a wide range of projects and the trust that is generated from this helps our clients in benefiting from greater productivity achieved through this approach.

Programme & construction management

Where there are multiple projects to be delivered, fast timeframes or changes expected during the duration of any project we often work on a program and construction management basis with some of our clients. 

Indeed this is a predominant mode of delivery in the Life Sciences and some Advanced Manufacturing areas. This enables very close integration between the client team, designers and ourselves and results in very efficient build programmes.

Royal Academy of Arts, London

Bavarian Nordic, Denmark

Commissioning & qualification

With the drive towards greater efficiency and speed to deliver the regulatory approvals and quality standards required, Sisk have found commissioning and qualification services in ever greater demand in the advanced manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Sisk's commissioning and qualification team provides a full range of C&Q services including: consultancy, C&Q execution strategy design & development, C&Q execution implementation, management & delivery, CSV assessment and execution, protocol development & technical writing and quality risk management.

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In addition, our team can see the construction management phase through by leveraging principles right through to the commissioning project phase.

We pride ourselves on our reputation. Sisk is recognised by our global customers as world leaders in safe and effective delivery.

Off site manufacturing

Off site manufacturing works very well on many of our projects from building completely modular operating theatres to residential buildings and in particular in complex life sciences and advanced manufacturing projects where the ability to build off site in a controlled environment and then introduce into a ready construction environment promotes excellent quality control and program benefits.

The off site solutions often depend on the extent of collaboration possible with the designers, the depth of the local supply chain and the potential that offers and finally the program drivers for the project. These factors dictate the success of the opportunity.

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Sisk have more recently invested in its own manufacture to aid this through the acquisition of the Vision Built group of companies, based in Galway. Vision Built manufactures 2D light gauge steel panels for supply to its customer base in both Ireland and the UK.

Off site fabrication will become an increasingly important element of Sisk contracting delivery with benefits from Vision Built's supply chain.

Design services

One of the advantages of being a construction led delivery partner is the efficiency it brings to the design process. One of the great productivity challenges of the industry is in the flow of accurate information to the workface. Throughout our extensive sector experience that we have, we bring the best buildabilty solutions to the design process and therefore deliver more predictable out-turns for our clients through the construction phase.

Our ability to project manage the design process has led to us leading the design process in a variety of sectors often taking projects from concept all the way to fully commissioned. In this we collaborate with design partners who we and/or the client team feel are best suited for the project and make sure they are fully enabled to work effectively to get the best total project outcome.

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One of the great strides forward in design over recent years has been the ability to model and coordinate the building through digital design. This has increased productivity immensely and led to much more transparent and predictable outcomes for all parties involved. Sisk have extensive abilities in this space through our Digital Project Delivery approach.

Cost certainty, design and accurate programming

Capital Dock, Dublin

EPCMV (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management and Validation)

Over the last 30 years Sisk’s pharmaceutical business has worked in a variety of modes according to client requirements. Whether as GC, CM or EPCMV. 

We deliver construction led efficient EPCMV services through partnerships with design houses that suit the particular project and leveraging our commissioning and qualification skills throughout construction. 

Infrastructure & Facilities Management (FM)

Sisk can provide services to support the maintenance of property and infrastructure assets to ensure their safe and effective operation and to maintain customer service levels and revenue.

We offer a range of services in this space. We have a proven capability in the rail sector across the UK and Ireland. Our experience includes stations, track installation, light rail projects, term maintenance work and ancillary work around existing rail facilities. The business offers locally-focused solutions via a network of regional offices including, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster and London.

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We have held a Principal Contractor Licence for over 20 years and are approved via audit by the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme to carry out a large variety of works for Network Rail and other train operating companies.

Sisk's complete offering ranges from complex design and build works to 24-7 365 reactive maintenance schemes. Frameworks are in place with Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Irish Rail, Network Rail and train operating companies.

Our experience is complemented by an in-house design management and possession capability. We are capable of offering our clients a bespoke service in-line with the unique challenges of every project.

We are able to offer clients this service via our 50 per cent shareholding with Designer Group in SENSORi Facilities Management. SENSORi can be involved in designing aspects of the building which will bring longterm benefits from its service.

Sisk FCC, Grangegorman Campus, Dublin


Public Private Partnerships and Private Financing Initiatives are ways of financing public sector projects through the private sector, often in infrastructure and housing. PFIs alleviate the government and taxpayers of the immediate burden of coming up with the capital for these projects.

Clients can be assured that their projects are designed to deliver the optimum mix of effective and innovative design, cost effective build ability, operational efficiency and sustainability performance.

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Sisk have participated in this market for over 30 years building major pieces of Ireland's infrastructure whether motorways, universities or schools.

Clients can be assured that their projects are designed to deliver the optimum mix of effective and innovative design, cost effective build ability, operational efficiency and sustainability performance.