Thursday 3rd March 2022: John Sisk & Son has signed up to The Pallet LOOP’s charter – committing to explore how a circular economy pallet scheme could benefit our business, the environment, and the UK construction industry as a whole.

Sisk has thrown our support behind the team that is working to reduce the consumption of single-use pallets and switch the sector to a distribution model founded on the principles of recover, repair and reuse.

Back in November 2021, The Pallet LOOP announced its plans to transform the distribution of building materials nationwide. Aligned with the UK’s ambition of net zero by 2030, and due for operational roll out later this year, The Pallet LOOP’s aim is to eliminate avoidable pallet waste in the construction by incentivising pallet returns via a cost-effective, easy-to-use, deposit-based system. Estimates suggest that up to 10% of the construction waste stream is currently made up of pallets, which is costly from both a financial and an environmental perspective.

Sarah-Jane Davies, Sustainability Manager for UK & Group Civils at John Sisk & Son Ltd, said: “The Pallet LOOP supports our strategic objective to successfully embed circular economy principles into our operations by 2023, as part of our 2030 Sustainability Roadmap. At Sisk we fully endorse this circular economy model to encourage the reuse of pallets in the construction sector, moving away from the single use discard routine which has previously been adopted.”

Phil Dent, CEO at The Pallet LOOP, said: “With sustainability now top of the agenda for most companies across the construction industry, the launch of The Pallet LOOP is incredibly timely – and we’ve been having some very productive conversations. The last year has seen a tangible shift in the way we all think about the environment. Businesses and consumers now recognise what needs to be done to get climate change under control – and realise that it can’t happen in isolation. That theme leaps out from the conversations we’ve been having.”

pallet loop

Each year an estimated 18 million pallets are manufactured for the UK construction industry, with less than 10% currently reused. The Pallet LOOP is on a mission to change this. Delivering a more sustainable pallet distribution model, which is greener and leaner, the scheme is aligned with environmental targets set for the sector by UK Government, and the growing desire and need for businesses to adopt circular economy practices that are more environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in signing The Pallet LOOP charter or would like to find out how a circular economy pallet scheme could benefit your business, please contact:

Alternatively, for more information go to: where you can find out more about existing signatories and download a copy of The Pallet LOOP charter to sign.