International Women's Day 2021

Tuesday 9th March 2021:            John Sisk & Son hosted a ‘Women in Construction’ virtual event to celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday 8th March. The event brought together some of the leading females within Sisk to share their experiences and how they enjoy working in the construction sector.

The main themes to emerge from this event was technology, education and the vast opportunities that are available to aspiring females. Nidaa Alzameh, BIM manager, Sisk said: “I was always interested in technology. I began working with Sisk in 2018 at our Circle Square project in Manchester. If you have a passion for technology this is how you can learn new things everyday.”

Nina Martyn, Site Manager, Sisk said: “A landmark project I worked on was ‘City Football Academy’ for Manchester City Football Club. This was a great experience and I began working with Sisk in 2018. I work on our digital tools and complete R&D for our site team. I have always felt very connected to all the teams I have worked with.”

Other females within Sisk also raised the points that not having a university degree is not a barrier to entry into our sector. Monica Vaness, Information Manager, Sisk said: “I haven’t gone the uni route. I have had a number of roles in the sector and I am now looking to getting into data analytics. It’s a really dynamic industry that needs more talented women!”

Maria Bejarano, Site Engineer, Sisk said: “In 2015 I moved to Manchester and my English wasn’t great. I had a chance meeting with a Sisk contracts manager in a coffee shop where I was working at the time and introduced myself. I gave him my CV and I was offered a job with Sisk. I’ve always been supported by team. It is a challenge to be always supported by men, it would be great if there were more women on site.”

Ajaz Shafi, Managing Director, UK South, Sisk said: “I’m a father of four daughters and I am trying to get one of them into our sector to be an engineer like me. There is already plenty of women in Sisk but there is plenty room for more. Please reach out to any of our team if you’d like to explore any options.”