This PPP scheme consisted of the design, build, finance, operation and maintenance of approximately 10km of dual carriageway incorporating 675m of an immersed tube tunnel under the River Shannon.

The scheme extends from a new interchange at the end of the Phase 1 Limerick southern Relief Road to the N18 Ennis Road and includes 4 no. major grade-separated interchanges. Construction of the scheme commenced in August 2006 and was complete in 2010.

The scheme comprises 10km of hard tolled dual carriageway and a 2.3km single lane carriageway together with associated interchanges and local road alignments and as well as the immersed tube tunnel under the River Shannon, including 43 other major structures and a 750m causeway across Bunlicky Lake. The main toll plaza is on the mainline with a satellite toll plaza on the single lane carriageway line at Clonmacken.

Sisk were contracted to DirectRoute to construct the major structures including the main and ancillary toll plazas, overbridges, underbridges and farm underpasses.

Sisk also provided a considerable amount resource to the Construction Joint Venture in respect of the core management team utilising the particular skills this staff have in marine engineering of this type.