In January 2008, John Sisk & Son commenced the conversion of an existing production floor in Building 5, IBM Campus into a tier 3 data hall together with ancillary equipment areas valued at €10m.

IBM's data centre at Mulhuddart in Dublin is an IDA Ireland backed investment. The centre has been designed using green strategies and technology innovations to make it more energy efficient.

Although this was a standard building contract, Sisk compiled the builders work, mechanical, electrical and sprinkler bills of quantities and issued same for pricing. Fees were negotiated by the client and added to the contract cost sum. We also procured all the major plant and equipment ensuring every vendor understood and accepted the client’s terms and conditions, specification and delivery schedule.

All the interface areas between one vendor and another as well as the Mechanical & Electronic (M&E) contractors were reviewed and a responsibility matrix agreed before any orders were placed to ensure no additional costs occurred. Using our procurement tracking schedule, Sisk continually monitored the procurement of all equipment and attended any necessary factory acceptance tests.