Phase 1 1995-1997
Office accommodation, production areas, warehousing, energy centre, cafeteria facilities, links and ancillary buildings and loading bay areas. Features include flat architectural metal cladding panels to all elevations with projecting columns, parapet soffits and fascias. Large areas of landscaping including ponds for fire protection and contamination control with integral waterfalls and fountains, car parking and roadways plus a 11Okv ESB sub-station.

Phase 2 1997-1998

14,000m2 class 10,000 clean space ballroom with support spline on suspended level. At ground floor 14,000m2 of plant, laboratory, office space and loading bay area.

The mezzanine is a concrete level including pipe supports for the ballroom. The plenum consists of 14,000m2 of suspended flooring allowing access to RCU units on the floor. Site works included two carparks and perimeter hardstand areas.

Phase 3 1997-1998

Two storey facility including office accommodation, production area 1, production area 2 - shell only, energy centre, cafeteria, extension to Phase 1 and ink corridors/ pipe bridges.

Phase 3 is linked to all other phases via a 2-storey link bridge, ground floor for pedestrians and 1st floor for services.


Outfitting work was completed in all phases and in phases 2 & 3 Sisk took on board all of the client’s direct suppliers to maintain a very tight programme.