The civil and marine package comprised approximately 80,000 m3 of dredging; 200,000 m3 of reclamation; 180,000t of rock armour up to 10t individual weight; 250,000t of rockfill; 54,000t of beach shingle; 115,000 m3 of concrete & 2,500 linear metres of driven steel piles.

The project involved most aspects of marine civil engineering including dredging, reclamation, beach nourishment, rock armour, concrete armour, marine piling, underwater stone screeding, extensive diving operations, seawalls, coastal revetments, breakwaters and slipways all of which are designed to function at all states of the tide. The breakwaters are designed for a 1 in 2,000 year storm event.

Part of the project contained the remains of an old disused Wicklow County Council landfill. Significant project works included landfill remediation involving the removal of approximately 9,000m³ of existing landfill material and sealing of the landfill cell using a bespoke geo-synthetic lining system and spreading of cell capping material and landscaping and seeding to form part of a public park. Further works included protection works to eliminate future coastal erosion along the boundary of the old dump location.