Sisk Rail completed the installation of a train carriage wash with associated enabling works for MTR Crossrail at their sidings at Gidea Park, Romford, Essex.

As Network Rail was redesigning the track layout throughout the sidings, the facility was originally installed at a temporary location within the sidings in July 2016. This was on the basis that removal would have to take place 12 months later, either permanently or upon return for re-installation within a new area.

The carriage wash plant was designed to sit on pre-cast concrete bases which could be removed and relocated. A base station was established when the wash plant was first installed, whilst the tanks for water and detergents, along with the pumping chamber, were located at the base station in addition to the plant controls.

New water supply, detergent and drainage ducts were installed between the new location and control station some 350m away and laid within a single 350mm dia. duct.