The project required the refurbishment of an existing facility, construction of 3,000m² of high-end office space including toilets and canteen facilities in accordance with the requirements of LEED. This project was executed over a number of phases to respect the pre-existence of an existing sitting tenant.

The works required structural improvement to the existing steel frame, the formation of new structural openings and the removal of ACM containment in the pre-existing vinyl floor tiles and adhesive. This project was carried out in a live environment at all times. It proved challenging from a logistics perspective with the diversion and maintenance of existing thoroughfares – both pedestrian and vehicular – as well as external works executed within a live industrial campus (gas main, car park improvements etc.).

The project was challenging from an operations perspective by virtue of the existence of a sitting tenant with whom space, access etc. had to be shared. This was managed through daily liaison on the ground, weekly planning and formal weekly review meetings.