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John Sisk & Son has a proud record of leadership in the construction industry. For 160 years our name has been synonymous with excellence and high quality work.

Why Sisk?

We asked our people the simple question, Why Sisk?

Find out what makes working at Sisk so special to our teams between the people, the projects, digital technology and sustainability credentials.

Inside Sisk

The Inside Sisk podcast is back for a brand-new second series where we meet the people behind our projects.

These people have many skills but one goal: to create exceptional places that leave a lasting legacy. 

We hear what drives them, what fulfils them, what it means to be a part of the Sisk family. 

Their own stories, in their own words.

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Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion group is passionate about valuing differences in our workforce

Irish Centre for Diversity

John Sisk & Son achieved an Investors in Diversity Silver award in 2021. The accolade, from the Irish Centre for Diversity, means that Sisk is fully committed to diversity as an organisation and the award is valid for two years.

Assessment took place between December 2020 and March 2021 and is based on a number of criteria, including feedback from staff. It also shows that we are living our values, as we strive to create an inclusive working environment where everyone can do their best work.

​​1MWIS (One Million Women In STEM)

This is a worldwide campaign profiling as many of the world’s women in STEM. 

The idea is that by providing role models to look up to, the next generation might be inspired to consider a career in STEM.

But it’s not just women from across all the different STEM areas the campaign wants to highlight. 

It also shines a light on the all-important male advocates and we were delighted that Sisk males were some of the first to show their support for this campaign.

Sisk celebrates women in construction


Sisk celebrates International Day of People with Disabilities


"Dyslexia has always been a challenge for me but during school and university, help was always offered where it could range from extra time in exams to a study support tutor. During these support sessions I would be taught how to use specific software that would help my learning."

Sam Painting
Undergraduate Engineer, Sisk

I Am Here

As part of our commitment to the mental health & wellbeing of our staff and honouring the Sisk values of Care, Integrity and Excellence we launched our pioneering mental health programme ‘I Am Here’ in 2019.

Over the last number of years Sisk have been working hard to move beyond mental health awareness. It is well recognised that one of the biggest challenges facing the construction sector in the modern era is mental health.

Compassionate connection and conversation are at the heart of ‘I Am Here’. The courage, confidence and skills to have these conversations are achieved through a continual learning and support programme, empowering people to signpost existing help and support services to those in need. 

Sisk commits to Valuable 500


Our Building Gender Balance Network celebrates the diversity of our staff

Building Gender Balance Network

The purpose of this employee-driven network is to provide another platform in the business for our people to grow their networks across different business areas and functions, build new skills, and champion our agenda on gender equality.

Our goal is to create an environment where inclusion is part of the fabric of our business. We recognise that our proposed actions on levelling the playing field will only succeed with the right culture along with support from our senior leadership, the commitment of our Diversity and Inclusion action team and clearly defined targets.

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We established our diversity and inclusion action team with the stated mission of fostering an inclusive environment, to ensure each person can reach their full potential and that everyone is valued for their unique contribution.

We believe in appointing the best candidate to the job, regardless of gender or any other factors. We will actively seek out opportunities to attract more females into our sector and into Sisk to create an improved gender balance.

We aim to have greater female participation in future graduate programme intakes. This is an ambitious goal, and we will work with local schools and colleges to encourage female participation in STEM subjects and to promote our sector to future students.

Building Gender Balance Network event

Barry Murphy wins IPCA Plant Manager of the Year 2022


‘They always made me feel at home’


Emerging Career Paths: Aisling Kehoe interview


Sisk toy story shows off apprentice skills