Monday 29th April 2024: Sisk has officially been named as the main contractor for the first two phases of Vantage Data Centers flagship Ireland campus (DUB1) at Profile Park in Dublin.

The first two phases consist of 52MW of IT capacity, with the first phase expected to be operational in late 2024.

Located on 22 acres, the two first phases of the campus will consist of one 32MW facility and one 20MW facility with the first phase expected to be operational in late 2024. The campus is being built in alignment with Vantage’s sustainable blueprint. The Dub-1 campus will include an on-site 100MVA multi fuel generation plant capable of running a combination of fuels, primarily Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

Sisk have been leading an initiative on site around waste and plastic management, in conjunction with waste contractors Thorntons/Waste Matters as well as our supply chain partners Kirbys. The site is also aiming to become the first Zero Plastic to Landfill certified construction project, a process being put in place by the site team and Responsible Plastics Management (RPM).

The certification will include third-party auditing of the site, looking at how the project aims to reduce plastic coming to site, good segregation practices onsite and ultimately how plastic coming from the project is managed at our waste contractors ensuring that the plastic does not end up in landfill.

Sisk has recycled nearly one tonne of soft plastics and cardboard since January 2024.

Donal McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer, Data, Life Sciences & Tech, Sisk said: "Sisk is pleased to announce our role as the main contractor for the initial two phases of Vantage’s leading Irish campus. Leveraging our experience in delivering large-scale data centres across Ireland and Europe, we are well-positioned to deliver a cutting-edge data centre for our client. Additionally, our on-site team has introduced impressive sustainable practices, such as segregating and processing polystyrene directly on site, a first for Sisk. We will be creating a world-class campus and leaving a lasting legacy for the communities surrounding Grange Castle."

About Sisk

Sisk is an innovative, international, construction and engineering business with a long-term vision and over 160 years in operation. Sisk employs approx. 2,300 people and is Ireland's leading provider of construction services with extensive operations across Ireland, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe with the track record, scale and capacity to successfully undertake large, complex multidisciplinary programmes. Sisk is recognised by global clients as a world leader in safe delivery.

Sisk delivers projects and programmes in key sectors such as Data and Technology, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Transportation, Healthcare, Commercial, Residential, Retail, Industrial, Leisure, Education and Energy. Sisk offers a life-cycle approach to construction from planning and offsite construction, through delivering and fitting out a project safely and sustainably with technology as a key enabler, and then working with clients to help manage and maintain buildings efficiently throughout their lifespan.

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