Thursday 12th November 2020:    Today is World Quality Day, so what better time to reignite our drive to continuously improve Quality. Today John Sisk & Son is unveiling Our Quality DNA, which will be phased in over the next few months in place of the Sisk Quality Cycle.

The Sisk Quality Cycle was developed in 2011 and has supported us well for the last decade. In 2020 one of our strategic objectives brought about a review of the Cycle to ensure it remained fit for purpose for the next ten years.

Throughout the review process, what was clear was that our values of Care, Excellence and Integrity underpin our approach and we have a real Passion for what we do and a Pride in what we deliver, which led us to the conclusion that quality is in our DNA. On this basis we developed our new approach, Our Quality DNA, which we are unveiling here.

To mark World Quality Day, we can announce that Sisk have also become the latest member of GIRI (Get It Right Initiative). We are the first Irish company to join GIRI, which is a group of UK construction industry experts, organisations and businesses actively improving productivity and quality in the construction sector by eliminating error.

As members of GIRI we will be able to avail of the latest training and best practice and it will also provide us with opportunities to share experience and to network across the industry.