Friday 27th November 2020:  As part of the Corn Exchange scheme on LPTIP (Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme), the John Sisk & Son team recently worked with a host of local art therapy students on some uplifting artwork for one of the temporary bus stops on New Market Street; a prominent location in Leeds city centre.

Bearing the message ‘Better Times Ahead’ the artwork was designed by Erin Flood, Sally Wood, Sarah Middleton and Courtney Dodds, all of whom are studying on the Northern Art Psychology Programme at Leeds University.

Lee Long, Sisk project manager, said: “It’s great to see the dull temporary bus stops transformed with such a bright and vibrant design. I’m particularly impressed with the message that I think offers hope for the future. Well done to all involved.”

Erin Flood, Leeds University student, said: “We chose this design and message to create a sense of hope for the coming months. Being from Leeds and the surrounding areas, we feel an affinity with the city and we’re excited to see the next chapter of work on the Corn Exchange. We were really happy to donate our time to create this piece which we hope will be enjoyed by people of all ages.”