Tuesday 15th February 2022:   John Sisk & Son has successfully implemented the complete transition from red diesel to Green D+ Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) on its Gloucester 12 site, reducing CO2 emissions by 90%.

Following our commitment made last year to mandate the use of HVO on all sites, Sisk senior project manager Paul Armstrong and senior quantity surveyor Lolo Owen immediately set about making enquiries with the project’s supply chain to implement the transition to HVO for the next phase of works. Overall, the achievement means we produced 55,836KG less CO2. 

Alan Rodger, Managing Director for UK North, Sisk said: “Our team grabbed hold of the challenge and along with our specialist supplier managed to deliver 90% reduction on CO2 emissions on the project. It’s great to see us deliver on our Carbon Reduction targets and reduce our reliance on fossil fuel.”

Sarah-Jane Davies, Sustainability Manager, Sisk said: “It is great to see our projects transitioning to the use of HVO fuel since we mandated this across the UK in September. The fantastic results achieved in reducing the carbon emissions associated with the fuel used at our project in only a few months is testament to the determination of the project team in pushing this transition on the project.”

Sisk has been working on site to carry out installation of drainage, cut and fill earthmoving works, soil stabilisation works and the construction of new access roads for the ongoing development.

To read more about our commitment to reducing carbon, see our 2030 Sustainability Roadmap here: https://www.johnsiskandson.com/uploads/pdf/John-Sisk-Son-2030-Sustainability-Roadmap.pdf