A new urban neighborhood with facilities for education, technology, business and culture

Two key projects, worth a total £240m, are being delivered by John Sisk. The circa £100m first phase of the commercial development at Circle Square includes three buildings with offices, restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment venues, while the £140m Affinity Living residential development comprises around 680 apartments spread across two buildings.

With no BIM requirements from either client, Sisk chose to drive and invest in BIM on the project based on the benefits it had achieved on previous projects. This is the contractor’s first BIM project delivered entirely in-house, with only limited input from consultants.

Nidaa Alazmeh, digital engineer at John Sisk and BIM lead on both projects, told BIM+: “Whatever you have to spend on BIM it pays for itself in the longer term, due to the improved accuracy of work and the higher quality of the end product, so we did not restrict the BIM spend on this project.”

Link: http://www.bimplus.co.uk/projects/case-study-circle-square-mixed-use-development-sis/