The new hospital consists of one basement level (storage and plant), ground floor entrance level with a feature Entrance Canopy and Atrium and four levels of hospital floor area. This new facility is to the rear of the existing hospital. The campus surrounded the site on three sides and is set in a residential area close to the town centre. The existing hospital remained live throughout the project.

A very high spec level of services and finishes was required which is not only state of the art but also addresses the unique Arab culture.

The Facade comprises precast and curtain walling on an in-situ concrete frame and has a massive 400T steel feature entrance canopy, which required a huge amount of detailed co-ordination. Sustainable energy efficiency for the new scheme is manifested in a unique architectonic way that is both visible and a direct result of responsible, practical and efficient design. The ‘veil’ covering the building is designed to act as a sun-shading and ventilation aid, helping minimise thermal loads on systems; a very important element in the Al Ain’s harsh climate.