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The Curragh Racecourse, Co. Kildare


The New Curragh

All associated services, infrastructural works and ancillary facilities were installed, including the refurbishment and extension of the newly appointed energy centre building with an external chiller compound.  

Upgrades and remodelling of the existing landscaped areas was also required, including new hard and soft landscaping, a new children's playground, a new landscaped 'mound' to the western end of the grandstand, retention of existing trees, retention and relocation of existing site features such as horse statues, improved grassed car parking areas and new car parking with permeable paving and grass-crete to some areas.

The Curragh Grandstand during construction

The Curragh Grandstand

The grandstand is covered by a visually dynamic cantilevering roof structure and includes an atrium space and broadcasting and media facilities, while a new weigh room provides even better facilities for the jockeys.

A new arrivals and reception area connected to the grandstand includes a brand new visitor attraction incorporating a museum celebrating both the history of racing in Ireland, and the contribution Ireland has made to the sport worldwide. 

The Curragh Grandstand complete

The centrepiece of the redevelopment is the eye-catching new four-storey, 10,500m2 grandstand building

Museum entrance

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

BIM was implemented on The Curragh Racecourse project through the innovative construction process of  DPD (Digital Project Delivery). 

This provided a set of digital tools, procedures and guidance for IM (Information Management). The use of BIM and innovative technology enabled our team to be more combined using digital tools, technologies and management processes.

Sisk onsite BIM Station

Having BIM and digital innovation central to the construction process allowed us to be more collaborative and efficient

4D virtual reality

The project team on The Curragh Racecourse worked in a ‘4D Virtual Reality’ environment, enabling them to plan and sequence their works in an immersive space. This enabled the project team to move through their construction programme in an immersive first person virtual construction site and seeing how works developed before they actually occurred on site.


Tonnes of precast concrete (3,000+ pieces)


Bricks have been used


The size of a football pitch – the structure’s roof features a cantilever of 39 diagonal metres and sits on 4,300m2 of glazing to give the impression it is floating

Preserving wildlife and local heritage is a vital part of any project Sisk undertakes

Hard hat hanging flower baskets

Dust control and noise monitoring  

The site was in an area which has a lot of horses in the locality and our team was conscious of keeping the dust release to a minimum. Dust monitoring was carried out regularly on site and a wheel wash for delivery vehicles also helped to minimise this issue. Our team also covered the stockpiles on site in order to prevent dust.

Noise monitoring stations were also set up at the site boundary. This helped our team to check the noise levels on site and prevent disturbing our neighbours.

Playground climbing frame

Tree preservation

From initial site surveys, there was a conscious effort to try and preserve as many existing trees as possible. Then, those trees had to be protected for the duration of the build on site. Our site team put fencing around the trees along the delivery entry and material storage area.

Aoife Munnelly, Sisk pictured receiving the Construction Health Innovation Award 2017

Structural Steel Awards

The Curragh Racecourse 2020

Irish Construction Industry of the Year Awards

BIM Initiative of the Year 2019

Construction Partnership Safety Advisory Committee

Construction Health Innovation Award 2017 (Large Company)