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Center Parcs, Longford Forest, Ireland


Ireland's largest waterpark 

The Longford Forest resort includes 466 luxury lodges and 30 stylish apartments which can accommodate up to 2,500 guests in a car-free environment. Coupled with the accommodation, there is a further eight commercial buildings, which together form the Village Centre. These centre buildings are arranged on either side of newly constructed six-acre man-made lake.

Guests can enjoy more than 100 family activities – both indoors and out – a range of restaurants, shops and Subtropical Swimming Paradise, which is Ireland’s biggest indoor water park as well as the relaxing Aqua Sauna spa.

Each lodge at Center Parcs has been specifically designed with families in mind

Center Parcs lodges

To deliver the 466 lodges this required an output of three lodges per day. This required strategic thinking and the key to utilise Sisk staff and our supply chain partners to collaborate with technology.  

Subtropical Swimming Paradise

At the centre of Longford Forest is the 29.5 degrees heated Subtropical Swimming Paradise. It consists of wave machines, wild water rapids and a wave pool.

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise features a transparent roof and a glazed curtain walling system to allow maximum natural light. Natural Quartz stone was applied to all walls along with underground heating.  

Subtropical Swimming Paradise

Sustainable design

Our team were over both the design and construction of the Center Parcs project. We took some highly significant initiatives to reduce the impact that the running of the buildings will have in the future, post construction.

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Combined heat power units 

Generators that recycle the heat used in the generation process were installed to allow it to be used in the heating of certain mechanical systems. 

Heat recycling units 

These take heat from the air and pool water when cooling and use it elsewhere. 

Passive atmosphere control 

When designing the sports hall, glazing was installed at a high level in the south façade to capture heat and light from the sun. Wind captures were installed in the roof to allow for ventilation to utilise the external wind reducing the energy need for climate control. 

Our team embraced a culture of innovation to tackle some of the most complex issues

Lean construction

We implemented Lean practices on site with our materials ordering, storing, distributing and how work was carried out on site. This is achieved by pre-planning and getting the procurement processes correct when tendering and awarding construction packages. 

This was then followed up by the site team understanding where every nut and bolt was to be positioned or fixed on the project and was aided by how the material was packaged. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Center Parcs

Electric vehicles

Our energy team identified an area of potential significant energy conservation by replacing the large SUV type diesel vehicles used for transporting staff around the expansive Center Parcs projects. 

Once the roads on the Center Parcs project were paved it was realised that such heavy duty vehicles were not necessary. Given the client's sustainability credentials it was viewed that an electric vehicle could be used as a replacement.

Electric vehicle used at Center Parcs site

St Matthew’s Bio Diversity Garden

As part of engaging with the local community, Sisk in conjunction with Roadbridge and Center Parcs contributed to the construction of a bio diversity garden located in St Matthew's National School located in Ballymahon, Co. Longford. 

The garden consists of seating areas, bird houses and a “Bug Hotel” to encourage the growing and development of local plant and animal species to the area.

St Matthew's Bio Diversity Garden

Community engagement

As this was a high profile project in the middle of a Coillte Forest there was a high awareness by Center Parcs and Sisk of local community and stakeholders. 

Through the Center Parcs Liaison Officer monthly meetings were held to update all stakeholders on the progress on site as well as any issues that may arise during the construction process. This monthly meeting was held for the duration of the project and was a useful tool in notifying the local community on the progress of the projects.

ICE Awards 2020

Leisure and Tourism
Irish Construction Excellence Awards

ICE Awards 2020

Project Manager - James Maloney
Irish Construction Excellence Awards

CCS Awards 2019

Most Considerate Site runner up
Considerate Constructors Scheme

Stakeholders at a town hall meeting

Bird and bat boxes

One year on after completing this project, Sisk teamed up with our joinery and training centre in Dublin to donate 100 bird and bat boxes as part of our long term commitment to sustainability at Center Parcs. 

Bird and bat boxes

"This is a great day for Center Parcs and I want to thank our construction partners Sisk for helping us to bring our vision to life."

Martin Dalby
Chief Executive, Center Parcs