Who we are and why we exist



What motivates us to do what we do? At our core, we’re dedicated to ‘building a better world’, but in the current climate, we’re aware that more building isn’t always the answer. So instead we took inspiration from our founder John Sisk, who was driven by a keen sense of public service through the early projects that were delivered by the business - schools, libraries, churches etc. 

Throughout our history, we have created legacies within the communities where we work, instilled by our core values of Care, Integrity and Excellence.

Our message is clear, we have been in existence for over 160 years and we want to continue to have a positive impact on future generations to come.


How are we going to respond to our rapidly
shifting world? We were tempted to mention
net zero and MMC here, but frankly, we have no
idea what will be most important ten, fifty, one
hundred years from now. 

Instead we chose to show that we’re not just
responsive to change but at the heart of making
it happen, committed to supporting and
driving disruption as an energising force for good.

OUR MISSION is to continuously embrace innovative ways of BUILDING EXCELLENCE that delivers powerful results for all stakeholders

What are we going to do to turn that vision into reality? Well, that’s where the mindset shift really kicks in, because we’re no longer ‘just’ builders but trusted construction experts who help our clients achieve their missions and solve their problems, every step of the way. 

And by delivering consistently innovative, agile and thorough solutions, we won’t just please our clients. We’ll challenge, surprise and grow ourselves, too.

At Sisk we are guided by our core values


We take care of ourselves, the people we work with, the environment and the community in which we work. 

  • We take proactive action to ensure the wellbeing of ourselves and others. 
  • We show empathy by actively seeking to understand and support the needs of our people. 
  • We are conscious of, and protect the environment for the benefit of future generations.


We are honourable in the way we conduct ourselves and our business. 

  • We treat people fairly and with respect
  • We are open and honest with one another.
  • We encourage each other to speak up and we listen.
  • We promote and upload the reputation of the company in everything we do.



    We are the best at what we do

    • We learn, innovate and lead change.
    • We deliver and exceed expectations.
    • We develop our people to be the best.