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Vision & Values

Our Vision

​​​​​Sisk is an innovative, international, engineering and construction company. We are a progressive business with long term vision, family owned and operating since 1859.

One of Ireland’s top providers of construction services with extensive operations across Ireland, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

We have a track record of scale and capacity to successfully undertake large, complex, multidisciplinary programmes and we are recognised by our global clients as world leaders in safe delivery. ​

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best at creating Value for our Customers, Shareholder and People...


Center Parcs, Longford Forest

Our Ambition

We are an ambitious business, but our ambition is focused on maintaining a sustainable business that is both profitable and continues to uphold our core company values of Care, Integrity and Excellence.

As we continue to grow and expand our business, we are becoming the employer of first choice for many in our industry with an exciting and innovative culture. 

We continue to future-proof our strategy by looking outside of our core business-we look to use our strong balance sheet to consider different financing options alongside our trusted clients, whilst at the same time we have made targeted investments in businesses that hold natural synergies to our own, such as in the facilities management industry through Sensori FM, and the off-site modular construction market with Vision Built.


Our Values are Care, Integrity and Excellence


We take care of ourselves, the people we work with, the environment and the community in which we work. 

  • We take proactive action to ensure the wellbeing of ourselves and others. 
  • We show empathy by actively seeking to understand and support the needs of our people. 
  • We are conscious of, and protect the environment for the benefit of future generations.


We are honourable in the way we conduct ourselves and our business. 

  • We treat people fairly and with respect
  • We are open and honest with one another.
  • We encourage each other to speak up and we listen.
  • We promote and upload the reputation of the company in everything we do.



    We are the best at what we do

    • We learn, innovate and lead change.
    • We deliver and exceed expectations.
    • We develop our people to be the best.