Zero Philosophy: The Journey

Zero Philosophy: The Journey

Zero Philosophy: The Journey

The journey to our Zero philosophy.

You cannot operate in our industry without having the very highest standards of safety in place. John Sisk and Son is no exception, but to achieve the highest of goals, you have to be constantly vigilant, keep raising the bar, reviewing your way of doing things.

The challenge is that over time, practices grow, attitudes become hardened, set ways of doing things become the norm, and no matter how much we care or try to be better, we default back to the conventional.

Our strategy of Building Excellence is in place to ensure that we explore every facet of our business to deliver higher standards, better results. Challenge ourselves to be better.

We took a hard, objective look at ourselves during a time in which we had made very significant achievements in our health and safety goals. We wanted to be even better.

We decided to raise the bar on our quality of delivery and achievement even though we were achieving phenomenal results. We knew that we could do more.

Tell me about: A moment of absolute clarity that became the catalyst to excellence.