Your Development

Your Development

Your Development

The Excelerate programme encompasses a wide variety of different learning techniques in order to maximise your opportunity to learn successfully. The following elements will be included:



Each year you will attend a number of workshops designed to give you a specific element of learning. They are relaxed, interactive and aimed at encouraging all graduates to be creative. Occasionally the workshops will be held over a weekend enabling you to focus all your attention on the activities and therefore gain the most from the experience.

Workshops also provide you with the unique opportunity to interact with your peer groups, building new relationships and networks. These can prove beneficial during your career at John Sisk as expert knowledge can be shared and support offered.


On the job:

A large proportion of your learning will come via on the job activities during your time on site. Projects will range across the business unit with each project having specific objective that will form an important part of your experimental toolkit. Time on projects can vary in length depending on the objective, with time frames ranging from 6 to 12 months.



You will also have the opportunity to experience placements in functional areas of the business such as health and safety, giving you an understanding of how the business works from various viewpoints. This is an important part of your learning as it allows you to build your business and company knowledge along with helping you increase your support network.