Bristol Temple Quay Bridge Groundbreaking

Owen Sisk presents David Warburton, Head of Area for the Homes and Communities Agency, a Sisk apprentice made toy-truck as a token of the groundbreaking ceremony.
Stephen Williams, MP for the Department for Local Goverment and Communities together with Colin Skellett, Chairman for the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership and Geoff Gollop, Deputy Major of Bristol were the principal stakeholders also taking part in  the ceremony.
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Source : Bristol Post

2014 RoSPA Gold Medals for John Sisk and Son and Sisk Rail

Sisk again achieved  the Gold Standard for Occupational Health and Safety with 2014 Gold Medals for Construction and Rail businesses, awarded by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
These awards recognise the excellent standards of safety achieved throughout the Sisk organisation which are driven by the strong safety behaviours and vigilance of our staff and supply chain.

Source : James Meredith

Morning Radio promotes start to Bristol Temple Quarter bridge project

Val Fox, Contracts Manager, met with David Warburton, Head of Area for the Homes and Communities Agency(HCA) for an early morning radio interview with Nigel Dando of Bristol Radio this morning.

David spoke about the benefits of the project which will unlock a prime site for a major arena next to Bristol Temple Meads station. Val explained the major construction aspects of the project to the radio listeners.