A19-A1058 Coast Road Junction - First Bridge Beams Installed

Our A19-A1058 Coast Road scheme being delivered for Highways England in Newcastle upon Type reached a significant milestone in June when the bridge beams to the first of the six new bridges being built on the scheme were installed.
The 19 beams ranging in weight from 25 tonnes to 57 tonnes were installed successfully over a 24 hour period using a 400 tonne crane initially and the 400 tonne and a 250 tonne crane working in tandem for the heavier precast edge beams.
The project team developed a solution where the bridge edge beams were pre-cast off site incorporating the parapet edge detail supporting Highways England drive to increase off site manufacture and significantly reducing the need for work at height.
The lifts were carefully planned to allow them to take place within the inner ring of the operational roundabout. They all progressed to plan and the works were completed ahead of programme.