Shanganagh Waste Water Treatment Plant

Shanganagh Waste Water Treatment Plant

Shanganagh Waste Water Treatment Plant

Client : DĂșn Laoghaire Rathdown County Council

Value : £58.1m (€65m)

The Project is for the provision of design and construction of a wastewater treatment works at the site of the existing Shanganagh wastewater disposal works and the refurbishment of the existing Bray Pumping Station.  Also, the MEICA works associated with a Stormwater Storage Tank at Bray.

The Project also includes the operation and maintenance of the existing and newly constructed Shanganagh WWTW, Bray Pumping Station, Bray Stormwater Storage Tank and the operation and maintenance of the 5.6km Bray to Shanganagh Transfer Pipeline for a period of 20 years

The project is technically challenging as the existing plant must be maintained in operation until the new plant is built.  High standards have to be achieved with strict limits set for odour, noise and effluent quality.  To achieve the odour quality required, the plant will be substantially covered.  From a sustainability point of view, gases produced in the treatment process will be gathered and used for generating power to run the treatment plant.

The capacity design is for 43,700 m3 per day for a population equivalent of 186,000.A robust odour control solution during the Construction and O&M phase is a specific requirement of the project.

John Sisk & Son is delivering this project together with our partners Dragados and Drace.

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