Riverside One

Riverside One

Riverside One

Client : McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors

Value : €42.7m

Construction of this 7-storey structure over a mechanically ventilated basement car park, included a full fit-out to top quality standards. The building makes full use of energy efficient double skin glazed wall technology.

The essence of the design is that the building frame together with its intricate and dynamic façade act as part of the overall building services systems with the expressed intent of influencing the rate of heat gain or loss from the building in a positive way to minimise the overall demand for raw energy of electricity or gas. The solid mass of the frame is used to absorb heat during the day and allow it to filter out of the building during the night hours, using natural ventilation forces. In this way the concrete floors and cores act as a thermal flywheel, smoothing out the peaks and troughs of the heating and cooling demand.

Fresh air, once drawn into the building, is re-used and re-directed to extract maximum benefit before being  permitted to return to the environment.

Size: 11,900sqm

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